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Legal hints:


With decision from May 12th 1998 the Landgericht Hamburg, Germany

has adjudicated that through the attachment of a Link

the person who has installed it is possibly jointly responsible for the contents of the linked sites.

This can be  - according to the decision - only prevented if the publishing person

dissociates himself from these contents expressly.

We have installed Links to other sites in the Internet on this Homepage.

For all this Links is valid: we would like to emphasize expressly

that we have no influence on the lay-out and the contents of the linked sites.

Therefore, we dissociate ourselves from all contents of the linked sites

on our Homepage and do not make their contents our own.

This explanation is valid for all on our Homepage installed Links.

As well, we have only conditionally influence on the content and Links of our guestbook.






Westies von Gesekendörpe by Carola Westphal