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We always have been an animal-foolish family. But our interest for the West Highland White Terriers was awakened in 1985, as we saw one of these little white goblins with our veterinarian when it was romping about the garden full of high spirits and zest for life. We quickly all agreed that such a dog should enrich our family!


Therefore we look around and our first Westie moved in with us. But it should still last whole 7 years until the fever had gripped us completely.


Little by little, we got pleasure from showing our Westies at exhibitions – and sometime matured the idea of having a litter. Primarily we wanted to have a self bred Westie and one should be for my aunt.


It was in 1992 when we finally started our own breeding under the prefix "von Gesekendörpe" with Happy and Emily.



Over the years we committed ourselves to this wonderful race more and more – and more frequently we took up the challenge with competitors in the show-ring. And since then we could accompany any self bred dogs to the youth-champion and to the champion title. Our show-activities firstly were a little bit limited because of the children so that no one should get a raw deal. As our children became older we went to show together and that time our daughter Timna was the most successful junior handler in the north of Germany.


In order to help other breeders with my knowledge I have collected over the years about the breeding and the terriers I started the training for breeding-keepers in the Klub für Terrier e.V. and since 1999 I practiced this job. It is important to me that I work on my further education about the knowledge of the breeds, especially about the terriers.




Among other things I was the acting race-keeper for the West Highland White Terrier in the Klub für Terrier e.V.


Further on I am the originator and 1st.  Chairperson the local Terriergroup "Ortsgruppe Segeberger Land" in the KfT (www.kft-og-segeberger-land.de.vu) with which we organise the successful "Autumn-Festival in the North" as double-show with the affiliated “Black & White Festival (www.black-and-white-festival.de). I have been a long time  representative for the public-relations for the VDH-Nord.

For many years I organized the Autumnfestival in the North and since some years I am the the exhiition leader of the international exhibition in Neumünster.



These whole activities and the intensive efforts about the Westies are not possible without the full support of my family, that cares devotedly about all dogs who remain at home, while I go to the shows all over Germany and also in Europe with the others - after all we show our dogs already since 1993 with big success.


In the meantime our dogs are also decorated the champion titles from Serbia-Montenegro and Bosnia-Hercegovina, of course besides of the German titles – we still work on further titles.



Because of my very good contacts to foreign countries I could already import some Westies or to get Westies as loan for exhibitions and for the improvement of breed in Germany. 


Here I would like to express my gratitude to all who gave me their dogs into my trusting hands! I am very proud of having had such wonderful dogs for a little time.



Despite of many awards and successes we further on see our Westies as inseparable part of our family with the same rights and we take great care about giving our dogs only to best hands.


Because not only the Westie but also we pick out  the new family – and we reserve us the right of taking them back. Because our Westies are not an object of commerce that simply goes over the “counter” and can be pushed back and forth!


So we soemtime pay a visit to the potential adoptive-parents of our Westies at their home in order to see how the new members of the families will live under the best circumstances.





As a matter of course we offer professional and neat grooming of Westies!

We like to take on this service for you – please feel free to contact us and ask for an appointment.


A note on our own behalft:

We offer for puppies from our breeding 1 puppy-grooming until its 4. month




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Westies von Gesekendörpe by Carola Westphal